Poem: sometimes love is letting go

Hello friends!

This is my first post in quarantine here in the United States. It has been a huge time of adjustment and finding a “new normal” for this period in our history. I wish you all good health, and I pray that you and your families and friends are safe. 

April is National Poetry Month! This began in 1996 from the Academy of American Poets to appreciate poetry and maybe even challenge us to write our own. I have a few poems on this side already: Knots, Grief, When I Say I Love You, and Most Importantly, Love

Today’s poem was written by me on February 3, 2018. Even though I wrote it about two years ago, I still find myself struggling to let go of past memories or even people sometimes. Every day I have to make a choice of what I will keep with me, or what I need to open my grip and let go of. 

Here is, “Sometimes Love Is Letting Go.” 

Sometimes love is letting go

I used to think that all love lasts

That if it were true, 
it would never end,
but always stay

But now I see 
that love 
is not always a firm grip
a tight hug
or a promise of forever

Sometimes the best 
way we can love
is to let go

Let go of the anger 
let go of the memories of what was
let go of the ones who 
broke your heart
set them free




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