When I Say I Love You

When I say I love you,
I'm not just spitting words 
to fill an awkward void
or as another word for 
farewell or good-bye

when I say I love you,
I'm laying down 
my brass shield 
Exposing my heart to feel 
your embrace 
that it so longs for

it's letting you 
see how much you mean to me
that you matter
and I care

I love you for 
your gentleness
when you smile at the ground
or when you stroke my hair
from my face

I love that you are kind
and generous
with your time and affection
everyone feels welcomed
 when you invite them in

when you invite me in

when I say I love you,
I am also saying 
thank you

thank you for staying.
 Fighting for me
when I forgot how to 
fight for myself
for doing what's best for me
even when I thought you were wrong

Because loving you is 
a wild adventure. 
All the highs 
the lows
you're worth it all

that's what I mean 
when I say:

I love you 


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