DIY: Vision Board

“Create a vision board or a list and keep it where you will see it every morning. Dream big and you will achieve big things.”

-Lauren Conrad

Happy Sunday, friends!

If you are a dreamer, future planner, or just in the mood for a fun DIY, this one’s for you!

A few years ago, my friend Sierra inspired me to create a vision board. A vision board is a place to collect your dreams, inspiration, and goals for your life. It’s also a fun and easy project to do alone or with friends.

You can use your vision board for general dreams/ goals, wedding planning (I think it would be fun to make one with your fiancé during your engagement season to set a vision for your marriage), workout goals, faith inspiration, or mental/ emotional wellness reminders. The most important thing to remember is to make it personal, and reflect what you want in life. 

For this DIY project, my sweet friend Rachele and I made her vision board together. Rachele chose all of her images beforehand, and I helped cut them out. It was really cool to see what inspires her. She is so creative and I know she can accomplish any dream she sets her mind to. 

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My vision board!

For my vision board, I used a cork board from Walmart and taped gold duct tape to give it a bolder background. Then I added some paint chips cut as pine trees at the bottom to make it more personal. I also used yarn at the top to give it some texture.

My vision board helps me focus my ambitions in life, but it’s not concrete. It’s okay if some dreams don’t come true, or if dreams change a bit. What matters most to me is that I am grateful for the blessings God gave me then and now. 

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Someday I hope to visit France, own my home, be best friends with a Labradoddle, and get married if that’s in God’s plan. The Laurel wreath reminds me of my name. Lauren comes from Laurel, which means victory.


DIY: How to Make a Vision Board

1. Gather your materials 

I put a few pictures on a Microsoft Word document page and printed to save paper. You will need tape (regular or decorative tape), scissors, and a place to put all of the pictures. I used a cork bulletin board, but you can use a journal, clipboard, or whatever you’d like!


2. Collect and print/draw pictures, verses, inspirational quotes from Pinterest or Google Images 

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Ideas of what to put on your board:

  • Job/ career goals
  • quotes to live by/ favorite verses 
  • people that inspire you
  • places you want to visit
  • family goals
  • song lyrics
  • home ideas
  • pictures of you with the people you love


3. Decorate your board

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This one meant the most to Rachele


4. Organize the pictures, then pin or tape pictures to the board

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


5. Hang the board in a place you will see every day! 

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Ta-da! C’est fini! If you create a vision board, take a picture and post it in the comments. I would love to see your creation. I hope you enjoyed this DIY idea! Thanks for reading!

Petit à Petit,



Additional Inspiration:

Jordan Clark is one of my favorite DIY Youtubers, check out her video below!


I am not this aesthetic, but this vision board by Sara Mueller is beautiful! I love the color coordination.


3 thoughts on “DIY: Vision Board

  1. I love vision boards! They provide that extra motivation and push that you may be lacking and it is a good way to keep all your goals in mind!


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