Entitlement vs. Gratitude


That’s the word to describe myself after experiencing this message last week in Dallas. 

When I post a message or sermon on my blog, it’s going to be a sermon that has either made me reevaluate my life or inspired me. This sermon did both of those things for me! 

A week ago I visited The Porch in Dallas, which is an awesome young adults ministry at Watermark Church. One of my favorite bands, Shane and Shane, is the worship band for The Porch. (If you have not heard their music– check them out! They are amazing). David Marvin gave this message in a series called Vice and Virtue. The vice for this message is entitlement, and the virtue is gratitude.

The message referred to Matthew 20:1-16, which is the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

The biggest take-away I had from this message is that everything in life is a gift, and I am not owed the blessings I receive or do not receive. God does not owe me a brilliant career, a husband, or a long and healthy life. Just like Jesus, I am going to face adversity in this world. However, God gives gifts to me everyday. Just the fact that I get to be alive right now is a pretty good gift! 

We should set our expectations on what the Bible says, not what culture says.

If we base our expectations on the culture around us, we will lose ourselves in the unending spiral of comparison. It’s not good for the self-confidence, so when I catch myself comparing my life to other people I tell myself, “but look what God is doing in my life today, or just this week.” After that my attitude changes to gratitude.

When we are more grateful, then the comparison dies down and joy comes to take its place.

I hope you enjoy this message as much as I did! I will also link a song called Reckless Love by Cory Asbury that you can listen to before or after you watch the message. It’s one of my favorites right now. 🙂

Petit à Petit,





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