Lessons from Passion Conference 2020

“Don’t be successful in things that don’t matter.” 

–Tim Tebow, Passion 2020


A New Decade 

I began my 2020 decade at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) with my friend Rachele. At midnight on 1/1/20, Rachele and I were singing with the upmost joy, Bibles in hand, along with Hillsong United! What a dream! 

Time and time again, God creates beautiful moments throughout my life to meet with me in unexpected places. This is one of those places where I felt free to come as I am and just draw close to the heart of God. I felt so small in this stadium, yet I know I was a part of the greater body of people living the time of our lives that night. 

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Unclog my heart

I learned from leaders of my faith and experienced worship that was full of energy that radiated from a small stage and filled the entire Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The running theme of each presenter focused on our great need of a Savior, and that God can take any wasteland and transform it into a place of new and fertile ground.

My heart needs new life daily and maybe yours does too; transformation from the inside out, breaking away the calloused edges into something new.

My favorite session at the conference was a word from Christine Caine. Her words are powerful, honest, and align with the Word of God whether you want to hear the Truth or not. Her boldness inspires me to take God’s Word to heart and not be afraid to live it out.

Check out her full talk from Passion: 

12 Things I learned from Christine at Passion this year:

  1. God can bless me in a land of famine. The Spirit of God can change a desert to a place of blessing and abundance. 
  2.  A water well shows ownership and it is a source of life (water)
  3.  Pick up and dig a well myself. In other words, even when it’s not cool or it’s lonely, I need to be committed to make a difference for God’s kingdom in my life and others.
  4.  Jesus is my only source of life. I can’t find my soul-satisfying purpose in anything else (money, success, owning things, education, etc). 
  5.  God cannot do an awesome work in my life if I am filled with shame, anger, or bitterness. Let God to take over and change my heart.
  6.  My history does not define my destiny.
  7.  Old wells can still produce water. The foundational principles of the Bible (prayer, church, sanctification, seeking God’s Word through the Bible) are the life-lines to my source of life (Jesus). Get our foundation right!
  8. Maybe I’m feeling like a dried well because I am not connected to my source of life. So let’s dig a new well! Let’s get back into the Word, back in prayer, community, and seeking the Lord. 
  9. We learn from the past, we don’t live in it!
  10. Fear of missing out is killing our generation. If I have Jesus Christ then I am not missing out!
  11. Fear of commitment is preventing us from creating strong bonds in our relationships and community. 
  12. Be prepared to have the patience to keep serving, giving, praying, investing in my community, and seeking God even in times I want to give up.

I hope this post encourages you to look at the condition of your heart. Where does your source of life come from? I want my life to reflect my love for a God that continues to save me and transform my heart. What do you want your life to reflect? 

Petit à Petit,



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It was SO cold. But we still showed up!

Additional Resources: 

  •  A21 and  End It Movement, bringing awareness to human trafficking and slavery and working to end it around the world. 
  • Tim Tebow Foundation, a ministry who’s mission is to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. Also check out Night to Shine! I love this event!
  •  Passion Conference, a annual conference created by Louis and Shelly Giglio that brings together college-age believers together for a weekend of worship and fellowship. Our cause we supported this year was Share Light and we raised over $1.2 million to provide Bibles to people of different languages and nations around the world.

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