So I’m trying something new: writing poetry for fun!

“Knots” is a poem about I how felt moments before I saw an old friend. I remember feeling both so excited but also so nervous seeing her again. It’s a weird feeling, so I decided to write about it to process what I was going through.

“Am I the only one nervous here?”

“Did they miss me too?”

“But WOW I’m so happy to see them again!”

Writing poetry has become a way for me to process my emotions or a situation. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Here is Knots


Tongue-tied butterflied
I gasp for a breath
And I catch a Blue Morpho by the wing
I gasp for words
But I choke on fear
Fear of Rejection
Fear of not belonging 
Fear of losing a friendship before it starts


My stomach is tied in knots upon knots
Like the friendship bracelets we made in 5th grade
Like a tug of war rope 
Back and forth I struggle to defeat my fear

Fear of failing 
Fear of not being the friend you need me to be
Fear that I'm a Friend of the past
And a Stranger in your present

But then;
I exhale

Our migration has brought us back together 
No more wandering 
No more fear
No more doubting myself or why I'm here

A cord of three strands is not easily broken
The chrysalis is open
A new season is here

I've changed
And so have you 

Knots of fear unfold 
While deeper roots begin to intertwine

Kindred spirit,
Dear friend,
It's good to see you again.


4 thoughts on “Knots

  1. KNOTS – A lovely poem to walk through. Thank you for using scripture in the poem. Just a thought from another poem that I can only remember part of: “Breath of God, hold me near. Whisper calmness in my ear. To look beyond what I can’t see, requires the deepest part of me.”

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