The Open Letter Collective

Hi friends! 

I have some exciting news for you! Over the past few months I have been praying and brainstorming about what I’d like to see on the blog this summer. The Honest Pursuit is meant to be a place for honesty and vulnerability to take root and encourage anyone who reads these words. 

A key aspect of this blog is to also be a place of connection and outreach for my community. It’s not just about me and my story, but your story too! 

So I’d like to introduce my summer collaboration initiative, The Open Letter Collective. 

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The Open Letter Collective is a collaboration of open letters from honest and open-hearted people. We share our stories through these simple, yet meaningful, letters in hopes to encourage others and communicate a message or lesson in a sincere way. 

How to get involved

For Summer 2018, I will be featuring open letters in weekly posts on the blog from May 1-August 28, 2018. We will be sharing an open letter every Tuesday!

There is no age limit required or writing experience needed to submit your open letter. Both men and women are welcomed to share as well.

We are looking for letters relating to friendship, personal growth or healing stories, encouragement, faith, family, love, or overcoming a personal struggle. However, we welcome all open letters. These are just a few topics that relate specifically to The Honest Pursuit.

Steps to submit an open letter

  1. Write your open letter. Word limit is between 400-450 words please.
  2. Complete this form or submit you open letter to
  3. Please include your name, date of submission, and website (optional) in your email
  4. Share your open letter on your blog or on social media with #openlettercollective, #thehonestpursuit, and #honesttruths to join our community!

To read my invitation to learn more about why I created The Open Letter Collective, click here

A few examples of open letters

I would love for you to consider writing an open letter even if it is just for yourself to read. Write it to future you, past you, someone who made an impact in your life, or to the neighbor you haven’t met yet. Put the words scrambling in your mind to paper and see the healing or inspiration that comes. 

Petit à Petit,




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