An Open Letter to The Christian Finding Jesus

Disclaimer: This post is a part of The Open Letter Collective, and is written by a friend or anonymous contributor. All posts written by Lauren Smith will be signed off with her green signature. 

To the Christian Finding Jesus,

You got some change coming your way. The environment around you won’t be the same. Maybe you’re going to a university, college, trade school, or even studying abroad! On top of that, you’re a Christian who grew up in the church, like me. You know all the songs, you know all the hand motions to those songs (“Father Abraham” ringing a bell?); you know all the Biblical stories. You know your verses like John 3:16 and Jeremiah 29:11.

But, if you’re anything like I was, you’re lukewarm. Because you grew up in the church, you know you need to read your Bible. You know you need to pray. Yet you don’t. I was in your situation, too. I grew up in a Christian environment my whole life, knowing I needed to read the Bible but stuck to the basic stories. I only prayed at bedtime with my dad growing up.

Then I went to a secular environment where Christianity is not as strong, and I had to make a choice: follow God or follow the world?

I made the choice to follow God.

You see, in order for you to thrive as a Christian, you need to know the Bible. Like, actually read the Bible deeply. Read the Bible stories you grew up with in church but read Leviticus or Deuteronomy as well. God uses the Word to speak to us, equip us, and teach us. Through the Word, we may also love God even more.   

Let me tell you, when I made that choice to follow God and read His Word, I was astounded at how little I knew about the Bible. Was I perfect in being consistent in reading it everyday? No. What about prayer? Definitely not. But little by little, day-by-day, I challenged myself to get to know the Creator who took the time to make me and love me unconditionally that He sent His Son to die for me. And for you.

It doesn’t have to be much, my friend. You can download an app where you can get a single verse daily. I read a Psalm or a Proverb every night and wrote about it in a journal. I prayed little prayers here and there throughout my day. Whatever you do, just know this: when you choose to follow God and seek Him, He will meet you where you are.

It’s time to no longer be lukewarm. You have a choice: be lukewarm, be on fire for Jesus, or follow the world. I pray you make the right choice. I don’t regret mine.


 A Christian who Found Jesus

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