An Open Letter to The Soon-to-Be Graduate

Cover Image by Christian Ladinos

“What, like it’s hard?”

-Elle Woods, Legally Blonde 

The day is almost here! We are in the final countdown until you walk across that glorious stage. YOU did it! Every late night, study session, coffee break, Blackboard quiz, final exam, hours of class, and group projects have led you to this moment.

YOU made it to the finish line, but you didn’t run this race alone.

Remember the friends you met at Freshman Orientation that helped you feel less alone in this brand new place. Remember the professor that cared. Remember your room mates that helped you learn how to cook or stayed up late talking with you about life. Remember the dates you went on and the love you found here.

As you are wrapping up your final classes, I encourage you to savor these last few days on your college campus. This place has been your home away from home. You learned here and became an adult here (hopefully).


Lauren Smith-45
Photo by Christian Ladinos 


You might be feeling SUPER over-whelmed right now with finals coming up, graduation planning, and figuring out your job situation after you graduate. I remember the month before I graduated college. I was anxious all the time. My face broke out, I barely had an appetite, and I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I needed to do. 

But guess what? Through God’s strength and some much-needed rest, I made it through that very anxious month and graduated. Right now it might feel like everything is up in the air. Hold your ground and hang in there!

Graduating college is more than the GPA honors, stoles and cords, or even the beautifully decorated grad cap. It’s a milestone so precious only a few can afford. It shows that you did the hard stuff to get to the place you are now. 

It’s okay if you don’t have a solid plan after college.

It’s okay if you’re still single.

It’s okay if your first job out of college is not exactly your dream job yet.

Instead of focusing on where you think you should be, be fully present where you are now. Take each day little by little towards the life you want to lead. Have faith in yourself and believe that your best days are still to come. 

I am super proud of you and all that you have accomplished! You should be too. Congrats my friend, and I wish you a joyful day on your graduation. It will go by fast, so take lots of pictures and look around. You don’t want to miss this 🙂

Petit à Petit,


Photo Apr 18, 11 43 33 PM
My graduation cap that I designed and painted. I just love pine trees and mint green!


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