This Love That Makes Me New

“I open up to you, this love that makes me new. Oh may my heart receive this love that carries me. From the head to the heart, you take me on a journey of letting go and getting lost in you.”

–“Head to The Heart,” United Pursuit 

A matter of the heart 

I read a quote from Billy Graham, an American pastor and evangelist, written in a little devotion book from my grandpa. He wrote, “love and hate cannot occupy the same heart.”

The human heart, both physical and spiritual, is a very complex thing; yet this idea is very simple. I cannot pour out love if my heart is angry or bitter. It’s also nearly impossible to receive love from others if my heart is closed off and afraid.

Being vulnerable takes a lot of humility and courage, and that’s scary! Stepping outside of my comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable. Though I’m learning this year that God cannot use me in my comfort zone. God is all about intentional, hope-filled, unconditional, true love. The Bible from Genesis to Revelation weaves together true events and people’s stories reflecting God’s love for his people. 

Heart transplant

When the Lord restores Israel, he declared, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26)

You will learn this about me, but sometimes I can be a bit dramatic. Okay, just dramatic. But hear me when I say that I need a new heart pretty much every day. Like the people of Israel in the book of Ezekiel, I need God to remove my heart of stone. Maybe you need some life brought back to your heart too. Life is hard, my friend. 

God’s love is faithful. He never leaves me even when I’m not so loveable. He doesn’t require me to be some perfect version of myself because only God is perfect. He requires me to love him with all my heart, soul, and strength (Deut. 6:5), and I do. Why? Because without the love of God in my life I am hopeless, angry, foolish, and kind of a brat. I can be selfish and impulsive. I don’t say this to be mean to myself, but to know that apart from God my spiritual heart rots to something that hurts. Only God can breathe back life into something that is broken or rotten. 

The choice to grow 

Lauren Smith-34
photo by Christian Ladinos. An oldie but goodie circa 2017.

In any disappointment or heartbreak, we have the choice to grow or be bitter. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I would rather be petty and attend my pity party of one (confetti included). I let the hurting wrap around me like a cold blanket. Chilling in the dark. 

But the Lord comes to me, and fights for me. He reaches out a warm hand and offers something better. 

I want to be known for loving difficult people because I can be a difficult person too. We all are in need for a deep, soul-satisfying love. I want to give love freely because that’s how God treats me. I feel God’s love through the friends he placed in my life, through his protection when I’m being a fool, and through reading his Word. I feel it when I step outside on a beautiful day. I see it through the kindness of strangers. 

So my challenge for us today is to notice God’s love in the everyday. I challenge us to keep our hearts open after heart-break and be stronger from it. 

Sending all the love to you today.

Petit à Petit,



Additional Resources:

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