The Joy of Waiting


Photos by Michelle Wingard 

The Joy of Waiting 

I'm learning to enjoy the wait; 
to enjoy not knowing what's next.
I'm learning that maybe dreams evolve into hopes yet seen, 
and the path toward hope has curves and swerves
rather than a straight course.

Perhaps life is not a series of milestones
to collect around my neck.
Life is a series of choices to be courageous 
in little ways and big.

I've always wandered beyond the confines of normalcy.
Maybe I've found happiness in my own way, and 
maybe it's not as elusive as everyone says.

Joy is not something to attain.
It is something to breathe in, daily,
without reservation if you're doing it right.

In the waiting I am content. 
I exhale joy without fear of loss or missing out. 

In the curves of this dreamy path I've met myself again.
Smiling, my gaze softens as I feel the warmth of the sun across my face.
How the sunflowers bloom in this light.

Sometimes hope cannot be planned and joy cannot be scheduled. 
How does one schedule a much needed breath?

So today I am free to wander. 
To wait with patience and hope filled dreams. 
Let us breathe in this new day, 
and exhale whatever holds us back along the way.


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