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  1. The thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.



/kəmfərdəb(ə)l, ˈkəmftərbəl/


  1. Providing physical ease and relaxation.


  1. A warm quilt.



the largest organ of the body
one that covers every part of me
from my head to my toes
that tells the story of who I am

the scratches on my arms and legs 
from a kitten that often confuses me with a climbing pole,
scars on my elbow from one too many homemade obstacle courses,

freckles that splash my nose

and a little mole on my chin
(that my mother always called a beauty mark)

my skin.

the part of me that is constantly under the watchful eye 
of stranger and friend.
the part of me that I can’t hide
even though sometimes I wish I could

hide that muffin top that peeps over 
the pair of jeans I daily convince myself still fit me,
hide my persistently red face or chubby cheeks,

hide any imperfection because once the outside of me isn’t perfect, 
they might realize the inside isn’t either.

this is my wish

“to be comfortable in my own skin”
Not the skin I try and squeeze into,

Not the skin I pine and long for 
because it holds some great superiority over my own.

to be comfortable in my frizzy hair,

to be comfortable with my chubby arms,
to be comfortable knowing that I don’t weigh 120 pounds
 and I probably never will.

this is my wish.

to find a home
a warm quilt

right here
in my own skin.

~Michelle Wingard

3 thoughts on “Skin

  1. Definitely resonates with me and I am going through a journey of loving myself and learning to live an active lifestyle. It’s hard not weighing or looking like how I did in high school or even in college. I have to understand my body and skin changes, and I have to learn to deal better with that.


    1. That is so true Therese. Our bodies do change and that’s okay. I forget that I’m not supposed to look the same as I did when I was younger. It’s all a part of growing! Thanks for sharing sweet friend 🙂


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