Spoken Word & Praise by Kari Jobe + Isaac Wimberley

Spoken Word is absolutely beautiful and expresses the heart in such a unique and meaningful way. The first time I heard Forever by Kari Job live in concert, I cried with so much joy and conviction. God’s love for us is forever, ever-lasting, and constant in seasons of success and failures.

The Spoken Word I want to share with you is by Isaac Wimberley, and man, he brought the Truth! This is poetry that points to God, not to self. Check it out!


Kari is one of my favorite artists not only because of her beautiful voice, but also her passion for worship and praising God. To view the full (and extraordinary) moment of praise with Isaac’s spoken word, watch this video:


I hope you enjoyed these two amazing artists as much as I do. It’s so cool to see how worship comes in many forms; through songs, poetry, and so much more. What are your favorite ways to worship?

If you have a favorite Spoken Word artist, please comment below!

Petit à Petit,


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