Poem: “What Depression is Like”

artwork by @SarahxDesign

My mind is a minefield 

Bursting one by one –

Thoughts of pain

Thoughts of hope

Tied together hard to untangle.

Tears sit perched on my lower eyelid

Waiting to jump

Not ready to let go.

How can I fight my mind when it is a part of me?

In the end I will only hurt myself 

(I rationalize)

I don’t want to hurt anymore

No more.

The bombs are going off again

No not now, I’m on the road 

Ringing in my ears 

Turn off the radio 

Pull over now 

Hands press tight over my ears 


After the last blast,

I lay flat on my back

Disoriented, confused, tired

I see my best friend over me checking for a pulse

Anyone home?

I gotta get back up,

“Get up, get up, please,”

I whisper to my broken mind.

It’s cold 

I feel my toes go numb

How does one get back up after this?

I’m in a place with no service 


I withdraw from my friends 

Afraid to touch at the risk of catching a cold (heart)

They won’t get “it”

I don’t even get “it”


(above poem to the left of the page, poem below to the right)

It’s tomorrow.

I wrap myself in God’s warm promises 

That I am loved and wanted,

Even if it is hard to believe

I am the lost sheep he left the 99 to find

Alone with cold toes.

He sat with me and carried me home

His voice, a sweet melody 

Silencing the ringing of pain in my ears 

Ashamed I am that I fell so low

But in this deep well he reminds me:

Pain can become a place to praise

Sickness can become sensitivity and compassion

Misery can become a resilient ministry. 

Peace, peace, peace 

My heart longs for his peace

I make peace with my mind 

It’s time to come home.

He holds me in the battle 

And never lets me go. 


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