The Honest Pursuit is 1 YEAR OLD!

Hi Friends! 

I am so excited to announce that today, The Honest Pursuit, is a YEAR OLD!! Woo-hoo!

As well, the Giveaway closed today at 9am and at 12pm, the 3 winners from Facebook, Instagram, and the blog were messaged. To those who won, CONGRATS! I pray that the gifts you receive bless you and bring joy into your life! 

To those who did not win BUT participated: Thank-you. 

Thank-you everyone for helping The Honest Pursuit get this far. A year ago, I couldn’t imagine it being like this. But now, through God, through prayer, and through you guys, The Honest Pursuit has been growing! I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for your sweet words of encouragement, your boldness, your participation, and your desire to grow in friendships and identity! 

It’s encouraging to me. So, thank-you. 

Be on the lookout for this summer: the Open Letter Collective will continue next Tuesday, and our summer series on identity will have a new message next Thursday!! 

Thank-you all so much! I am so happy to celebrate the blog’s birthday with you guys 🙂 

Petit à Petit,


One thought on “The Honest Pursuit is 1 YEAR OLD!

  1. Lauren you are a light that never burns out. Thank you being the blessing you are. May God continue to .bless you


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