The Joy of Waiting

  Photos by Michelle Wingard  The Joy of Waiting I’m learning to enjoy the wait; to enjoy not knowing what’s next. I’m learning that maybe dreams evolve into hopes yet seen, and the path toward hope has curves and swerves rather than a straight course. Perhaps life is not a series of milestones to collect … More The Joy of Waiting


Cover Image by Michelle Wingard  Skin /skin/ noun The thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.   Com·fort·a·ble  /kəmfərdəb(ə)l, ˈkəmftərbəl/ adjective             Providing physical ease and relaxation. noun A warm quilt.   Skin the largest organ of the body one that covers every part of … More Skin

Playlist: Top 10 Songs I Listen to When I Feel Defeated

Hey friends! This week I am focusing on finding hope and strength in the midst of defeat. Today’s post is a follow-up to my post on Sunday,  “I Will Gladly Boast In My Weaknesses.” If you’re in the middle of feeling less than or not enough, this playlist is for you. These songs are each unique, soulful, … More Playlist: Top 10 Songs I Listen to When I Feel Defeated


So I’m trying something new: writing poetry for fun! “Knots” is a poem about I how felt moments before I saw an old friend. I remember feeling both so excited but also so nervous seeing her again. It’s a weird feeling, so I decided to write about it to process what I was going through. … More Knots

Spoken Word & Praise by Kari Jobe + Isaac Wimberley

Spoken Word is absolutely beautiful and expresses the heart in such a unique and meaningful way. The first time I heard Forever by Kari Job live in concert, I cried with so much joy and conviction. God’s love for us is forever, ever-lasting, and constant in seasons of success and failures. The Spoken Word I … More Spoken Word & Praise by Kari Jobe + Isaac Wimberley


I had my own notion of grief I thought it was a sad time That followed the death of someone you love and you had to push through it To get to the other side But I’m learning there is no other side There is no pushing through But rather There is absorption Adjustment Acceptance … More Grief