No Longer a Meredith Grey

Lately I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy on the regular. I love the hospital environment, the interesting medical cases, and of course the romance between Meredith and Derick. I identified with Meredith early on in the show. We both are passionate about our careers and we both have that one best friend we can’t get through life without. Yet we also have a tendency to run when faced with complicated emotions.

In the show Meredith has trust issues and she has difficulty conveying her emotions in romantic relationships. When Derick tells her he loves her, her first instinct is to run. She loves him too, but she’s scared to say it back. She feels as though she is too damaged; too “emotionally unavailable.” I’ve been there too, and it’s the worst. There have been times I have literally ran away when someone told me something deep and personal and expected my response.

verse 2Over the past semester, I have gone to counseling and grown a lot in letting myself feel those deep and scary emotions. Today I strive to no longer be a Meredith Grey. I am no longer going to believe I am too damaged. I want to be able to welcome deep feelings with open arms instead of run away. I know it takes time, but I am committed to being emotionally healthy and taking the steps I need in order to maintain that.

You are not too broken. Believe that you can have deep feelings, and you can express those feelings in a healthy way. God loves you right where you are. So here’s to no more running from emotions and embracing the deep.

Petit à Petit,


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